Youth Drop-In


Middle &High School Drop-In Grades 6-12 4:00-8:00 PM

We believe the youth of Arborg are the future of our town,  during Drop-In we invest in the youth by providing a safe and reliable place to be, while sharing the hope and love of Jesus, because of the warm atmosphere many of our youth call the Drop-In a second home. 

What Will You Find Inside?

Inside the Drop-In you'll find a warm and inviting atmosphere with volunteers who are committed to supporting and loving the youth. You'll find conversations happening around our canteen, games of pool, air hockey and ping-pong. You'll see a group of youth huddled around a screen trying to dominate a game of Mario Super Smash, and outside you'll often find a game of hockey or one of our favourite games called trash can. 

No matter a youth's interest or personality they are sure to find a supportive environment with plenty to do.

A building full of teenagers means things are bound to get broken or worn out, we could always use more sports equipment, video games, and board games to see a full list of our donation needs click below.